Unravelling Ancestry
Embracing Diversity
Driving Biomedical Research

Discover Your Ancestry

BH2BU is the most comprehensive ancestry test in Africa, using hundreds of thousands of DNA markers.

BH2BU compares your DNA to that of various worldwide populations to determine your ancestry.

The analysis of how you relate to these populations is represented as percentages in a report generated uniquely for you.

Why Should I Do The BH2BU Ancestry Test?

  • You will receive a comprehensive BH2BU Ancestry Report including overall ancestral contributions as well as maternal and paternal (males only) lineages
  • You will have the option to receive a GEDmatch Genealogy Report at no additional cost
  • You can reutilise your data to get additional reports (e.g. Pharmacogenetics and Nutrigenetics) in the future
  • You will have the opportunity to request a COVID-19 Health Insights Report at an additional cost
  • You can contribute to science by opting in to participate in groundbreaking research projects

What happens when I purchase a Test?


You are able to buy the ancestry kit by clicking here or from Takealot. Either way, you are able to activate your kit on our website and create a profile. You will be asked to provide some personal information. This information is protected and will remain confidential as stated in the Privacy Policy.